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Area Rug Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your area rugs there are a lot of different factors that can determine the price and also the method of cleaning that will be performed. Our technicians are trained to come out to your home and access the area rug for cleaning. We base the type of cleaning needed on the size of the rug, the condition and also the type of material your area rug is made of. We clean area rugs of many values. We clean Oriental, Wool and even your everyday cheaper rugs. We do a steam extraction which includes a color brightner and deodorizer. The steam cleaning is an extraction process from a very high powered machine. It can lift the dirt and also remove spots and stains from your area rug. The color brightner is a great addition to the service because we do clean some very colorful area rugs.

Color Restoration

Restoring those bright vibrant colors is a bonus to the cleaning you will receive. Of course after your rugs are cleaned we like to add a deodorizer to add a pleasant smell to the rug and also leaving a nice smell in your home. There are many rugs based on size material and value. Our technician will determine if your area rug is safe to be cleaned at home or if its best to bring your rug to our specialists at the warehouse to get the proper special cleaning your area rug might require. We handle all area rugs with great care.